Listening Experience #18

DAT Quad 2018


DAT Quad 2018 was a 24 hour durational performance event curated by the team at Noiseberg. The venue was State Studio. It featured performances on three levels of the venue. The top level and the basement level were both set up for quad audio playback.

These recordings make use of listening objects created during the performance, as well as listening objects which were created for the event, but not used.

The first segment of the show is a recording of a real-time performance of The QuadTool. The second segment is an attempt to take the strategy of Brian Eno’s “Discrete Music” and implement it in quadraphonic sound (I added some material from another performance about halfway through. Why not).

Both of these segments are stereo reductions of the quad source material.

Here is the Event website

Here is the Venue Website

DAT Quad 2018 segments are available on Bandcamp:

Listening Experience # 18 – DAT Quad 2018

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