Listening Experience #19

Capitulation Risk


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There is an expression in German, which roughly translated says “If you do not struggle for what you want, you can not regret what you have lost.” With so much changing in the world right now, changing in ways that affect all of us, I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of “capitulation”, of giving up before a goal is reached. My guess is that we are all being tested by circumstances, and we will all learn how far we are willing to go in order to get where we want to be. All of us are at risk of capitulation, of giving up before we should. Our ability to manage this risk, this temptation to give up, will determine where we go.

Recently I have had a new earworm, the song “Is That All There Is“, written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller and famously sung by Peggy Lee. One takeaway from this song is that all of the big, seemingly insurmountable, obstacles that life presents to us inevitably end up seeming a lot less awful after they have passed. Things that make us want to give up turn out to be just another day in the life. If that’s the case, we should just keep going on and live our lives happily. To not give up, to not capitulate.

I took the recording of Peggy Lee’s performance and ran it through my usual process of carving up sound material; this is a great way to deal with an earworm. Much of what resulted from this carving process ended up in segments two and three of this episode. Hence the title “Capitulation Risk”. I tried to release the hopefulness that lives within this song.

The first segment of this episode is an edit of a reading from “Walden”, by Henry David Thoreau. The reading is of chapter four, “Sounds”. I like this segment because it is a form of sound walk, created before recording technology was available. I edited the reading to clarify and enhance the sense that the author is describing a sound walk through the environment in which the book is based. The reading is sourced at this link.

The second and third segments are audio experiments with a new means of extracting and manipulating sound that I recently discovered. This is where the Peggy Lee edits live.

The final segment is a recording of a Listening Experience performance at Spektrum in Berlin.

Capitulation Risk segments are available on Bandcamp:

Listening Experience # 19 – Capitulation Risk

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