Commercial Work – Healy Kickoff 2019


I really enjoy doing commercial sound design/music editing/composition work. It’s a different experience than the other sound/music things I am doing, and I always like being a part of a team that works hard to get good results.

Recently I finished a project in collaboration with Havelmond Film, an independent film company north of Berlin. The project was for a product launch, and consisted of a series of short informational videos about the product, its history, and how it works.

The product is called Healy. It is a wearable, personal well-being/fitness device that is in use around the world, and is supported by a large community of health care practitioners. Click here for more about the Healy product launch.

I was asked to take over the sound production for this project a week before the deadline. Because of the time pressure I settled on the strategy of editing library music that the client liked, but there were a few cases where I quickly composed some music to help give some variety to the set of videos. There was no request for sound design, but I thought adding some subtle whooshes and transitions would help improve the videos.

This project required a lot of work and decision-making in a short amount of time. I am really happy with how smoothly everything turned out.

Here are some representative videos from the Healy Kickoff 2019 project. Music and FX stems were cut to picture using Logic Pro X. Dialog, FX and music stems were mixed in Final Cut Pro X. Audio source files and XML project files delivered to client for final approval/rendering.

An introduction to Healy:
(Library music edited to fit video, sound design)
Healy Image Video Endkunde DE

A video for new Healy owners:
(Composed music cue to fit video, sound design)
Healy & Zubehör – auspacken DE

The different well-being and fitness programs for use on Healy:
(Library music edited to fit video, sound design)
Healy – alle Programme DE

The Gold Circle health and wellness programs available on Healy:
(Composed music cue to fit video, sound design)
Healy Goldzyklus DE

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