Listening Experience – A Radio Show

Starting April 2017 and continuing through the remainder of the year, I curate a monthly, hour-long radio program on Resonance Extra titled “Listening Experience”. My intent is to use the air time as a compositional medium, rather than a playback medium. Each episode is, for now at least, intended to serve as a means of developing ideas about the organization of sound that I have developed over the years, and are described elsewhere on this website.

I make available the segments of each show online without the “shell” of the radio show, at this link.

An entry point into a set of hypertexts that briefly describe some of the ideas that inform this project is at this link.

Listening Experience – A Radio Show on Resonance Extra
Listening Experience #1 – Pulse
Listening Experience #2 – Sonance
Listening Experience #3 – Delta
Listening Experience #4 – Acquired Sound
Listening Experience #5 – Feedback