listening objects

Listening objects are anything that gets used to engage a listener’s attention. They are sort of like a shell you can put sonance into. You can use existing listening objects, or you can make your own. I prefer to make my own, to create tasty bites of sound.

Sometimes listening objects are used to attract a listener, and sometimes they are used to repel a listener. They are combined, with some degree of pulse and delta, to create a listening experience. Sometimes they can be saved as structured sonic content.

Listening objects typically remain in the possession of the person or persons making the sounds of the listening object; for example a violinist retains possession of the “violin listening object” while playing.

I like the idea of giving the listening object to the listeners. This is usually an interesting experiment. Involving listeners with the creation of a listening experience is very immersive. Listening objects can also be moved around the listening area using something like The QuadTool.

Often I post the results of listening object experiments at this link.