I have an ongoing interest in, perhaps an obsession with, quadraphonic sound. Quad represents a musical listening experience that more closely resembles how we actually hear in the real world. I also think it’s part of the ongoing evolution of music in the post-electricity era.

I’m fascinated by the idea of using the quad listening space as a composing and performing medium, as opposed to simply a playback medium. Much of my current work is motivated by this curiosity.

What sort of language exists for moving sound around in the quad space? How can the quad space be used as an instrument, a thing-to-be-composed, and not just an effect that is added to a sound after the fact? What sort of listening objects are best suited to this environment? What sort of structured sonic content can be used to “feed” this environment, or could result from it?

The only way to find answers to these questions is to experiment with them. Collaboration with others is the best way to do so.

Often I post stereo reduction mixes of quad things here.