structured sonic content

Ask five people “what is music?” and you will probably get seven different answers. Is music songs? Is it noise? Is it singing? Is it just instruments? Is it silence? Is it acoustic? Is it electronic?

It’s all of these, and more. After trying for many years to define what I do when I put sounds together, I realized that all I do is organize sounds for others to experience. When I record (or otherwise fix in media) a collection of sounds, I create content for listeners out of structures of sonic elements. Structured Sonic Content. This is typically the creation of an artifact, and is separate from listening objects.

This perception of music makes a lot of sense to me because it focuses the act of music-making on how sound is organized. Organizing sounds seems to be the one common element across all types of music making.

What we use for sound material and how we organize this material is an endless source of fascination for me, something I am always experimenting with. Always looking for ways to make tasty bites of sound.

Often I post structured sonic content here, and also here.