why quad

There is no reason why multi-channel spatialization of sound can’t be part of a venue’s backline. There is no reason why multi-channel spatialization of sound can’t be as commonplace as guitar amps and DJ rigs. I have a tool to do this, and just need a venue and performers to make it happen. Quad is the most simple way to implement this.

By “quad” I mean the idea of an immersive listening experience that is defined by four encompassing points of sound; I do not mean “Stereo Plus”, as you sometimes find in the audiophile community.

The quadraphonic listening space more closely resembles how we immersively listen in the real world than does the traditional mono/stereo performance and playback environments. Traditionally a listening experience is presented as performers or other sound sources in front of the audience, but there is no reason why a listening event can’t, or shouldn’t, surround the audience.

Location/spatial modulation is often neglected, either because of a lack of awareness of its potential or lack of practical tools for spatial modulation of sound.

Quad is the simplest means of presenting an immersive listening experience. While there are numerous multi-channel listening environments available throughout the world, these environments by necessity require listeners to go to the listening space. With something like The QuadTool, the quad listening space can be brought to the listeners, to any venue that can hold a quadraphonic playback system.